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Z4-control-arm-bushings, the control arm bushing is usually made from polyurethane or torsional elastic rubber. because rubber cracks over time, you will need to replace the control arm bushings regularly.. Bmw z4 2004, supreme™ control arm bushing by mevotech®. quantity: 1 per pack. control arm bushings provide a pivot point from the control arm and maintain the lateral and vertical location of the control arm pivot points., get the best deal for a 2004 bmw z4 control arm bushing. fast shipping with low price guarantee. order online today!. Suspension control arm bushings replacement cost the average cost for a bmw z4 suspension control arm bushings replacement is between $805 and $1,003. labor costs are estimated between $510 and $644 while parts are priced between $295 and $359. estimate does not include taxes and fees., product details the front control arm bushings are a key piece of the suspension. they are constantly in motion and take abuse from impacts, potholes, rough roads, and general cornering/wheel motions. to give a quiet and smooth ride, the bushings are made of rubber with a metal sleeve insert..

Control arm bushings play a key role in connecting the wheels to the chassis of the vehicle. tasked with keeping suspension geometry in check while absorbing noise, vibration, and harshness (nvh) factory rubber bushings were engineered to provide a balance of comfort and control. as a factory bushing ages, it becomes brittle and begins to harden., how to remove and install control arm bushes. requires the use of a tool to push the bushes off initially, but after that just lubricate and hammer on with rubber mallet. it may be possible to ....

Z4 control arm bushings. i own a 05 z4 with 63k miles and recently had the front lower control arm bushings replaced along with an alignment. a few weeks ago the steering started making a growling noise. upon inspection the right upper bushing is cracked and in need of replacement.