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Viburnum-cranberry-bush, the american cranberry (viburnum opulus var. americanum) has tart, acid fruit that is best served in jellies, jams, sauces and relishes. the fruit ripens in fall—just in time for the fall and winter holidays. highbush cranberry plants are showy in spring when the flowers bloom against a backdrop of lush, dark green foliage.. Dwarf cranberry bush viburnum viburnum trilobum 'compactum' sku #7612. quick-covering low hedge valued for brilliant display of edible, bright red fall berries. excellent fall color. attractive white lacecap flowers on a compact, upright form. deciduous. light needs. partial to full sun., viburnum trilobum (cranberrybush viburnum, american cranberrybush, high bush cranberry, or highbush cranberry) is a species of viburnum native to northern north america, from newfoundland west to british columbia, south to washington state and east to northern virginia..

This native viburnum offers ornamental interest throughout the seasons; flowers in spring, red fruit in late summer and red fall color. this american species (viburnum opulus var. americanum; syn. viburnum trilobum) is a better choice than the similar european cranberry-bush which has become an invasive plant in some areas.this species is native to the chicago region according to swink and ..., viburnum trilobum vy-burn-um try-low-bum audio this deciduous, rounded shrub grows to 15 feet tall with maple-like, lobed, dark green leaves that turn shades of red, yellow, and purple in autumn. white flowers resembling lace-cap hydrangeas bloom in spring and are followed by abundant red fruit loved by birds..

The american cranberrybush viburnum grows to a height of 8–12', with an equal spread, at maturity., american cranberrybush is a horticultural “sleeper.” the plant is fairly obscure and nobody is going crazy writing about its virtues, yet it is a stellar native shrub that will add a firecracker of color in the fall and winter to any garden, and attract birds throughout the winter besides!.

Although not a true cranberry, the american cranberry viburnum, also called high-bush cranberry, is a terrific shrub to use in many parts of the garden. it grows between 8 and 12 feet tall, so it is the perfect height for a backdrop planting behind other, smaller shrubs.