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Royalty-lilac-bush, the royalty lilac has dark purple buds, which open to a light purple lilac color about 2 to 3 weeks after common lilacs. the deep green, handsome foliage is a leathery texture and look. this is a beautiful non-suckering shrub. it's definitely one of the lilac favorites among gardeners for years.. Royalty lilac is a late blooming variety of the popular ornamental shrub. one would be terrific near a patio or deck where you can easily enjoy its exceptional beauty and fragrance. use royalty as a freeform, informal flowering hedge for a really pretty sense of privacy in the warm months., in late spring, royalty lilac develops dark purple buds that open to lavender shades. its fragrant flowerheads will perfume the air. this flowering shrub produces enough flowerheads so you can cut a few and bring indoors for fresh flower displays..

Royalty lilac is a late-season lilac bush with fragrant, purple flowers. this deciduous, flowering shrub can be planted as a flowering hedge or privacy screen., an upright, oval shrub bearing fragrant, enormous clusters of violet purple flowers in late spring against dark green heart shaped leaves. fabulous cut flower. excellent screen or informal hedge. hardy to -40°f maximum elevation: 10,000 ft..

Locations. hampshire - 44w148 st. route 72, hampshire, il 60140 - 847.683.3700 volo - 1555 n. us hwy 12, volo, il 60041 - 815.344.0944 bolingbrook - 1050 lily cache lane suite b, bolingbrook, il 60440 - 815.439.7188 hanover park - 26w200 lake st., hanover park, il 60133 - 847.453.1240, low-maintenance lilacs provide beautiful spring blooms and fragrance, followed by bushy growth throughout the summer. lilacs come in hundreds of varieties, from the dwarf lilac to the japanese tree lilac, allowing gardeners to find the perfect variety for their gardening situation. experiment with lilac varieties, .... Lilacs do come in seven colors, but most are familiar with the common lilac, syringa vulgaris, which blooms in the northern states for 2 weeks in late may.however, there are early-, mid-, and late-season lilacs, which, when grown together, ensure a steady bloom for at least 6 weeks., hi dave, thank you for your comments. i love your music deal of pairing bower vine with the lilac vine. i don't think the lilac vine will flower too much in the shade of the mesquite, but i still think that it is worth a try..

The sensation lilac is noted for the white, picotee edge on each flower. lilacs among the most carefree of all shrubs. their needs are simple: plenty of sunlight, good drainage, fertile soil and annual pruning. choose your planting site carefully and the only care you'll need to provide is yearly pruning to maintain a nice shape.