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Pink-hydrangea-bush, pruning common hydrangeas. the most common garden hydrangea shrub is the bigleaf variety, hydrangea macrophylla. (see more below.) bigleaf (h. macrophylla), oakleaf (h. quercifolia), mountain (h. serrata), and climbing hydrangeas (h. anomala subsp. petiolaris) are pruned after the flowers fade in the summer. these varieties bloom on the previous season’s stems (“old wood”).. Play with color in your garden by adding pink hydrangeas to the mix. these pretty flowering shrubs open in a host of pink tones, from palest pink, to neon cotton candy pink, to classic rose pink. when it comes to buying a hydrangea, pink is the color for more than beauty, it also supports a cause ..., you see, for most french hydrangeas (hydrangea macrophylla), the flower color indicates the ph of the strongly acid soil (ph below 6), flowers turn blue. in alkaline soil (ph above 7), flowers turn pink or even red..

Hydrangeas are extremely vigorous, long-lived shrubs that offer varied and extravagant blooms throughout summer and into fall, when many shrubs have completed their show. modern selections come in enticing shades of white, cream, pink, blue, and red, and in lacecap and oakleaf shapes as well as the familiar mophead., hydrangea pink diamond is a showy bush of medium size that offers a showy white bloom in mid to late summer. the flowers quickly fade to a deep rich pink, which gives the plant its name. the large leaves provide texture and a nice backdrop for the flowers. they don't wilt as badly in the sun as the macrophyllas..

Hydrangeas can flourish in sun or shade. huge bouquets of hydrangea flowers, which vary from mophead to lacecap types, show beauty from summer to fall. varieties of hydrangea differ in size, flower shape, color, and bloom time., online orchards 1 gal. let's dance rhythmic blue hydrangea shrub reblooming skyblue flowers. endless summer 1 gal. the original hydrangea (macrophylla) live deciduous shrub, pink or blue mophead blooms. southern living plant collection 2.5 qt. jubilation gardenia, live evergreen shrub, white fragrant blooms. southern living plant collection 2.5 qt.