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Pencil-bush-plant, sky pencil hollies are narrow, columnar shrubs that grow up to 8 feet (2.4 m.) tall and 2 feet (.6 m.) wide. with pruning, you can maintain them at a height of 6 feet (1.8 m.) and a width of just 12 inches (30 cm.). they produce small, greenish flowers and female plants produce tiny, black berries, but neither is particularly ornamental.. The pencil milk bush is a pencil-like, branching plant with upright, bright green, cylindrical stems that sprout in the shape of a small shrub. its small leaves will grow along the grayish green stem. the clumping, low-growing plant grows eighteen to twenty-four inches tall., the pencil plant (euphorbia tirucalli) is a low-maintenance succulent. native to the tropical regions of east and south africa, this woody plant can grow as tall as 30 feet in the wild. it thrives....

It's been called a pencil plant, a pencil tree, a pencil cactus, a stick cactus, and one variety with rose-colored tips is often referred to as sticks on fire (euphorbia tirucalli). because of its..., the pencil tree is a shrub or small tree with pencil-thick, green, smooth, succulent branches that reaches heights of growth of up to 7 meters. it has a cylindrical and fleshy stem with fragile succulent twigs that are 7 mm thick, often produced in whorls, longitudinally, finely striated..

A pencil cactus, euphorbia tirucalli, is not a cactus plant at all but rather a member of the euphorbia family like a poinsettia. this unique looking plant, native to africa and india, is also referred to as indian tree spurge, naked lady plant, aveloz, milk bush plant, and petroleum plant., the pencil cactus plant is in the euphorbia family of succulents. another common name for the plant is milkbush due to the cloudy sap it releases when injured. be cautious when caring for a pencil cactus; the sap is toxic and may cause problems in some people. the pencil cactus needs high levels of light and moderately low moisture..

As you can see, the pot my pencil cactus is growing in is quite large. these plants are very heavy & as they grow larger, they need a substantial base. size: in its native environment in africa, pencil cacti can grow to 30′ & that’s why they’re also can pencil tree. the branches start to flop as they grow tall & wide., the pencil cactus (euphorbia tirucalli) isn't a true cactus, but a sun-loving, spineless succulent plant native to tropical areas of india and africa. pencil cactus plant is named for the thin, somewhat brittle, pencil-like stems..

Sky pencil holly is a slow-growing, columnar shrub that can grow up to 10 feet tall, with a width just a small fraction of that. when one of these holly shrubs reaches 6 feet tall, its width may be only 14 inches at the widest point. the column is narrowest at the base, slowly tapering out the higher it goes.