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Msd-distributor-advance-stop-bushing, buy msd 8428 distributor advance adjustable spring and weight kit: distributors - free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The msd distributors come with 3 bushings with the largest one being 18* so when installed it will give you 18* of mechanical advance. if you trying to total the engine at 36* you would simply set the idle timing at 18* and this bushing will allow it to advance another 18* to bring your total to 36*., that is one problem with the msd distributor, it only allows you to go down to 18 degrees of mech advance. the new mopar performance distributors are made by mallory and they have an adjustable mech advance that ranges from 0 to 32. i machined up a slightly bigger bushing for a msd distributor and i think we got it down to 14 degrees of advance..

I wasn't able to get the ignition curve that i wanted with the bushings and springs supplied by msd on my 8534 pro billet distributor. i needed to get 25º initial timing, so the advance had to be limited to around 10º, and the biggest msd bushing limits it to 18º., find msd advance kits 8464 and get free shipping on orders over $99 at summit racing! these msd advance kits are the same kits that come with your msd distributor. the kits include the needed components to make your distributor perform like it did when it was brand new. find msd advance kits 8464.

Msd offers two different top-quality distributors for the pontiac v-8. its pn 8563 pro-billet contains no vacuum advance and requires an external control box, while its pn 8528 ready-to-run unit ..., i received the bushings today.. round and they fit perfectly in the slot in the distributor without any need to make the slots bigger. one bushing measured 0.3865" in diameter (supposedly the 14 degree bushing) and the other 0.3940" in diameter (supposedly the 10 degree bushing)..

Centrifugal advance kit pn 8464 parts supplied 4 - advance bushings 6 - advance springs advance springs: the rate, or how quick the advance comes in is determined by the type of springs which are installed on the distributor. to change the springs, use needlenose pliers. be sure that the new spring seats in the groove on the pin.