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Mexican-sage-bush, mexican sage (salvia leucantha) rewards you with reliable summer and fall flowers and aromatic, year-round foliage. it grows year-round in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 9.... Salvia leucantha (mexican bush sage) maybe one of the most attractive salvias, mexican bush sage (salvia leucantha) is prized by gardeners for its ornamental and showy velvety flower spikes produced from late summer to first frost, when other summer plants have given hope of doing anything productive., a more compact selection of the ever popular mexican bush sage with the same rich purple flowers and long-blooming nature. beautiful soft, gray-green foliage is a wonderful complement to the bright blooms. makes a stunning addition to a rock garden or mixed shrub border. a must-have for sunny mediterranean-style gardens..

Mexican sage is a low-maintenance plant that requires only routine care to thrive in the home garden. plant mexican sage during early spring in a location that receives full sunlight and is composed of fertile, well-drained soil. spread a 1-inch layer of aged manure over the planting site and use a garden hoe to incorporate it into the soil., the mexican sage is a bushy shrub that grows 3-4 ft. tall and wide. it has hairy white stems, gray-green leaves and velvet like purple flower spikes that bloom summer through fall. this shrub tolerates sun, light shade, little water, and is hardy to 15 degrees f. the mexican sage is drought tolerant and attracts hummingbirds..

Salvia leucantha, the mexican bush sage, is a herbaceous perennial that is native to subtropical and tropical conifer forests in central and eastern mexico. the flowers are usually white, emerging from coloured bracts., resources mexican bush sage. salvia leucantha. this drought-hardy perennial has soft green foliage with a slight silvery tint. in fall, it produces beautiful cascades of velvety purple flowers that attract butterflies and other beneficial wildlife..

Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about salvia species, mexican bush sage (salvia leucantha) supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at dave's garden.,  pest and drought resistant, the only maintenance the bush requires is prunning to the ground after the first frost hits. install mexican bush sage in your flowerbed as a perennial border or even a specimen. we love using it in a lot of our landscaping designs and we are confident you will feel the same.”.

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