Accent Chairs Ideas For Home

Living-room-sofa-vastu, where to sit, which is the best place for furniture at living room as per vastu shastra, this vastu website shows many tips, ideas and hints for living room. Vastu for living room: if you believe in the principles of vastu, here are tips to help you set up your living area space & make it vastu compliant., in this article, i am going to present to you, all the simple and easy vastu tips which you can – and must – follow to make your living room a vastu compliant one. you know, a living room – or drawing room – which follows vastu shastra attracts wealth, happiness and prosperity – which are all positive energies. these positive energies then interact with you and your family making ....

Also read: home sutra: vastu tips for keeping construction material accessories: there are various things that we place in the living room and each of these things has to be kept in a certain way to ensure better flow of energy in the area.. the telephone should be kept in the southwest direction. electrical appliances such as the cooler or the air-conditioner are best placed in the west or ..., observe the living room placements here, it is better to ask your nearest vastu expert consultant and then only construct the living rooms at northwest or southeast parts. first, observe which direction house is yours and where is the main entrance and where is the living room located..

The vastu for living room provides a series of fundamental rules and if these rules are pursued properly, you along with your family can live problem free life in the living room. it is very crucial to keep the face of the living room to the east or the north direction., according to vastu shastra living room or drawing room should be located in east or north direction. the ideal location of a living room depends on plot facing. the living room can be in northeast direction for east and north facing house.the living room can be in northwest for west facing south facing house, living room can be in southeast.