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Jane-magnolia-bush, magnolia 'jane' is a sterile plant, meaning it doesn't produce seeds and must be propagated via cuttings. choose stems that are between softwood and semi-hardwood growth, and take them in the morning when the plant is holding more moisture. snip 4 to 6 inches off the chosen stem with sharp pruning shears, and wrap it in a wet paper towel.. There are about a half-dozen of them, but the ones you're most likely to encounter at the garden center are ‘ann,' ‘jane,' and ‘susan.' their 5 to 7-inch flowers appear on leafless branches about two weeks after those of star and saucer (magnolia x soulangiana) magnolias. to the untrained eye, they're pretty hard to tell apart., the jane magnolia is a member of the "little girl" group of hybrid magnolias developed in the mid-50s at the u.s. national arboretum..

Jane magnolia trees are bushes that blossom on old wood. prune (on the off chance that you have to) soon after blooming. when in doubt of thumb, the most punctual blossoming trees and bushes set bloom buds the earlier year, so the beginner might just prune at the wrong time and wind up losing blossoms., 'jane' is a late-blooming magnolia that is less apt to suffer frost damage in spring..

The jane magnolia is the perfect small tree or large shrub to bring color to your garden in spring. before the leaves are even on the trees, the jane magnolia will be covered in upright blooms of a beautiful rich reddish-purple with pale-pink centers., the "jane" magnolia tree (magnolia x "jane") belongs to the "little girl" group of magnolias, a group of early spring blooming hybrids originally created at the u.s. national arboretum in.... The small tree or large shrub magnolia “jane” is a hybrid magnolia. it is a cross between star magnolia and the m. liliiflora. jane is from a series of hybrids known as the “eight little girls." jane has flowers that are red-purple on the outside and white on the inside., jane magnolia is a deciduous plant that will drop its leaves in fall. magnolia jane is one of the "little girl" series of hybrids developed in the 1960s. live in a cold climate? jane starts blooming a bit later in the early spring than other saucer or hybrid magnolias, which protects the beautiful, cup-shaped blooms from late frost..

The magnolia is a tree that is emblematic of the south. its glossy green leaves and large, saucer-shaped blossoms makes it an eye-catching focal point in a home landscape. magnolia comes in a variety of sizes and growth habits that often make it hard to tell the difference between a magnolia tree and a magnolia bush.