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Creosote-bush-tea, creosote bush is also antimicrobial. thereby the plant is useful for cuts and bacterial or fungal infections. tea was made from the plant. the waxy leaves and small branches were gathered, dried and stored in the sun.. One doesn't have to look far to see a wonder of the plant world in joshua tree national park. known scientifically as larrea tridentata, and in common parlance as the creosote bush, it produces small, pretty yellow flowers in spring and summer. but it is the pleasantly pungent smell, which the leaves produce as soon as a summer rain starts, that is most noticeable., larrea tridentata is known as creosote bush and greasewood as a plant, as chaparral, as a medicinal herb, and as gobernadora in mexico. it is spanish for "governess", due to its ability to secure more water by inhibiting the growth of nearby plants. in sonora, it is more commonly called hediondilla..

Medicinal tea first drew my attention during a hike when the knowledgeable ranger pointed out some creosote bushes flourishing in the harsh environment of tahquitz canyon in palm springs, california. the lovely yellow blossoms and white wooly fruits beautified the region. the ranger encouraged us to sniff the foliage, which exuded a pungent scent., creosote bush may cause liver and kidney damage with concentrated or prolonged usage, especially in pill or tablet form. this plant may cause kidney irritation and damage, according to concentration, dose and length of treatment. do not use in any form during pregnancy or lactation. avoid use in small children..

The tea made from creosote helps to treat the respiratory ailments such as cough, cold, influenza, bronchitis and tuberculosis. it is also useful for anemia. native americans of southwest believed that it helps to treat tuberculosis, maladies, chicken pox, sexually transmitted diseases, snakebite and dysmenorrhea., creosote bush (larrea tridentata) has an unromantic name but possesses wonderful medicinal properties and fascinating adaptive abilities. this bush is unusually well suited to arid desert periods and is predominant in parts of arizona, california, nevada, utah and other north american desert areas..

Chaparral tea (made from creosote bush) is commonly used to treat gallbladder and kidney stones. a thorough review of the medicinal uses of creosote bush is available.6this report may not be exhaustive, as evermore compounds are discovered from larreaspecies and newer ethnobotanical applications are described., the desert creosote bush - larrea tridentata. mojave desert plants: shrubs creosote bush species: larrea tridentata common names :.

Creosote bush also has several notable qualities and traditional/medicinal uses. creosote bush (larrea tridentata), sometimes called greasewood, is a large shrub found in most of arizona’s counties. creosote bush grows at elevations of 5,000 feet or lower and occupies thousands of square miles of arizona’s sonoran desert.