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Creosote-bush-salve, creosote bush was used as firewood, feed for livestock, and thatch material for the roofs of adobe homes. after burning, the creosote plant smolders down into charcoal, which has a green, blue color. this colored charcoal was applied to the skin to decorate tattoos. creosote bush after a winter freeze.. Chaparral salve (creosote) is not only good for topical applications, it’s also a great anti-viral medicine. native americans have used chaparral to treat a variety of illnesses, including cancer. chaparral has an ingredient called ndga – a potent anti-tumor agent (you can read more here)., creosote salve, sometimes referred to as chaparral, has been known to rid your skin of abnormal bumps, growths, warts, cold sores and many other skin irritations. salve may also be used for general skin irritations, itching, rashes, wounds and abrasions. size: 2.0 fluid ounces.

The creosote bush salve came extremely quickly and smells exactly like a vail, az monsoon! it even came with an extra sprig of creosote and a page explaining all of the uses and ingredients! purchased item:, materials: beeswax, organic olive oil, wild harvested chaparral, (creosote bush) 2 ounces this healing salve is good for drying and healing cuts, and for things like athlete's foot. it is also wonderful as a natural solid is not super moisturizing or for dry skin. if you are looking for a good moisturizing salve look at my lotion bar..

Creosote bush salve co. 70 likes · 2 talking about this. creosote bush also known as chapparral, greasewood, etc. has a history as a medicinal plant. known to help with bug stings, dry skin, cactus..., creosote bush salve tins sell in some 30 locations around west texas, including shops in marfa, fort davis, alpine, terlingua, and big bend national park, as well as online at chemical sensitivities first sparked covington’s interest in natural remedies and herbal medicines..

Creosote serves as an analgesic, antidiarrheal, diuretic, and emetic. creosote can be used on the skin as a tincture or salve. there is some evidence that prolonged use (especially from creosote concentrated in tablet form), can cause liver or kidney damage. creosotes originated in south america where there are five species of larrea., known scientifically as larrea tridentata, and in common parlance as the creosote bush, it produces small, pretty yellow flowers in spring and summer. but it is the pleasantly pungent smell, which the leaves produce as soon as a summer rain starts, that is most noticeable..

The creosote bush thrives in the desert. it is so good at making efficient use of its limited resources that it will slowly overtake ecosystems like grasslands and turn them into creosote shrubland. creosote has one weakness though, fire.