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Compactus-burning-bush, euonymus alatus 'compactus' (burning bush) noted for its spectacular fall foliage and very ornamental berries, euonymus alatus 'compactus' (burning bush) is a compact, medium-sized, spreading, deciduous shrub of great interest.. Design ideas burning bush is usually planted as a single specimen or in a grove. it can make a good, natural hedge with changes in every season. use to brighten dark corners in architecture or in groves of coniferous evergreens to add brilliance and a spot of seasonal color., 'compactus' is a popular burning bush cultivar. it is a deciduous shrub which is not all that "compact" since it typically grows in a mound to 10' tall with a slightly larger spread, though it can easily be kept shorter by pruning. the corky ridges are absent or very reduced in size on the stems of 'compactus'..

Highlights of burning bush (euonymus alatus) clusters of leaves dangle from a stem. small flowers appear in spring that turn into berries, and are enjoyed by birds., cole's compact burning bush euonymus alatus 'cole's compact' sku #1931. a tidy, well-behaved shrub with compact branching and dense foliage, finer than others of its species. prized for its blazing red leaf color in autumn that is particularly striking when planted near gold-leaved plants. very useful as a hedge or landscape accent..

A very popular shrub for any sized yard. compact shrub with erect branches and interesting corky bark. deep green summer leaves turn fiery-red in the fall. tiny yellow flowers produce pink fruit that is showy in late fall into winter. perfect for a foundation specimen or for medium sized hedge rows. a very neat and tidy shrub...even without trimming., a popular and versatile deciduous shrub, the compact burning bush is wonderful as a full-sized hedge or screen. plant them 4 feet apart on center to create a solid screen in very little time. measure from the center of one to the center of the next. use one as a specimen at the corner of your house or garage..

Deciduous shrub, 8-10 ft (2.4-3 m), dense, rounded form, formal "aristocratic" look. leaves opposite, 2.5-7.5 cm long, medium to dark green, bright red in fall., the burning bush (euonymus alatus) is a native tree from china and japan that has been grown in gardens for a very long time. although attractive, it can become large and very broad, needing a lot of pruning to fit into a smaller garden.