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Cherry-laurel-bush, hardy to zone 5, according to the usda plant hardiness map, cherry laurel shrubs produce beautiful and aromatic white flowers in the spring. there are many types of the cherry laurel plant to choose from, ranging from compact shrubs to small tree forms. when to plant cherry laurel. the best time for when to plant cherry laurel is in the fall.. The cherry laurel shrub is a lovely addition that doesn’t require too much attention as it blooms and grows in the garden. the cherry laurel shrub can be as small as the gardener prefers for the..., above: cherry laurel has white flowering spikes in spring. photograph by sebastian rittau via flickr.. one thing to know about prunus laurocerasus (which emits the pleasing fragrance of almonds when its leaves are crushed), is that it contains hydrogen cyanide, a poison.if ingested in large amounts, hydrogen cyanide can deplete the nervous system of oxygen and, in rare cases, even cause death..

Prunus caroliniana, also known as the carolina cherry laurel or laurel cherry, is endemic to the southeastern united states. a small tree, the plant grows about 5.4 metres (18 feet) tall and has glossy, rather oval or lance-shaped leaves., cherry laurel shrubs for sale – get the dense green foliage and good looks of our cherry laurel shrubs in your own yard. perfect for urban settings here's why you should get to know cherry laurel: beautiful, resilient tree grows well in urban settings versatile and compact enough to use as a hedge or shrub incredib.

For a small hedge, 3 to 4 feet tall, we suggest you plant the otto luyken cherry laurel, a dwarf form perfect for small hedges in smaller gardens. cherry laurel can also be grown as a shrub without clipping, if you have room, and the otto luyken cherry laurel only grows to about 4, or eventually 6 feet, so it will fit well even in a small garden., cherry laurel is a shrub as attractive in summer as it is in winter. key cherry laurel facts. name – prunus laurocerasus family – rosaceae type – shrub, bay height – 3 to 13 feet (1 to 4 m) exposure – full sun to shade soil – ordinary. flowering – april foliage – evergreen. it bears nice blooms in spring and cute berries in fall..

Cherry laurel (prunus caroliniana) is an evergreen, broadleaf shrub that is prized by home gardeners for its rapid growth and its leathery but glossy dark green leaves. cherry laurel is hardy in..., prunus laurocerasus, also known as cherry laurel, common laurel and sometimes english laurel in north america, is an evergreen species of cherry , native to regions bordering the black sea in southwestern asia and southeastern europe, from albania and bulgaria east through turkey to the caucasus mountains and northern iran..

The otto luyken cherry laurel is a fast-growing shrub that will quickly from an attractive broad, dense plant that is always glossy green and healthy in every season. because it does not grow too tall, it is ideal for a low hedge along a driveway for example, or as a low barrier, clipped or unclipped, between one part of the garden and another.