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Bushes-that-smell-good, many shrubs that smell good are also lovely to behold, and they come on all sizes and hardiness levels. the best fragrant shrubs for your area will include many summer bloomers. for example, butterfly bush (buddleja davidii) is a popular shrub with very fragrant flowers.. These fragrant shrubs are a breath a fresh air. flip through this gallery from hgtv gardens to find the best shrubs for your landscape., this easy-going native shrub blooms in mid-summer – all the better to enjoy its sweet-spicy scent wafting on the warm july breeze. vanilla spice ® and sugartina ® ‘crystalina’ were selected for exceptional fragrance, large flowers, and clear yellow fall color. a good choice for partial shade. hardy to usda zone 4..

Curb appeal isn’t the only thing to consider when selecting shrubs for your landscape. check out these ten shrubs that look great and smell even better!, shrubs are a great addition to a garden or to a property just standing alone. they add color and interest and attract critters from butterflies and birds to insects. moreover, some smell so good. if you want to add fragrance to your garden or property, then there are a few species of shrub you may want to purchase and plant..

Although there are other kinds of lilac bushes (syringa) that give off a strong smell (many of them fairly new cultivars), the traditional common lilac (s. vulgaris) still offers the best fragrance., mint is one of the easiest aromatic plants to grow in a garden or in a container. it is one of those amazing plants that repel flies and mosquitoes and smell so lovely. not only does it smell good when its leaves are crushed, but it also adds flavor to summertime drinks, and enhances the flavor of food..

Viburnums are tough as nails, and these spring-blooming shrubs offer pretty pinkish-white flowers with a distinctively spicy scent., judging by the tsunami of “likes” on our facebook page, you all love fragrant plants. fuel that passion with these 16 shrubs that we promise will fill the air with haunting, romantic fragrance—some sweet and others spicy, laden with showy flowers or with sneaky little blossoms you never see coming—all of which will greet you from a block away.. Those hubs of activity outdoors—like patios, pools, and decks—are perfect places to add sweetly scented plants for ambiance.forget the candles and citronella.—we're talking about fragrant plants that remind you and your guests why it's so enjoyable to be spending time outdoors instead of in.