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Bushes-that-flower-all-summer, butterfly bush is like a summer-flowering lilac. the blooms appear in similar colors—purple, lavender, blue, pink, and white—and are deliciously fragrant. happily, butterfly bushes offer a longer bloom season than lilacs: from summer into autumn, especially if you pinch off the old flower clusters as they start to fade.. Hydrangeas, gardenia, butterfly bush and more all top the list of gorgeous summer-flowering shrubs. see the full list at hgtv gardens., bigleaf hydrangea (hydrangea macrophylla) measures 6 to 10 feet tall and about the same in width. variegated, egg-shaped leaves grow from 4 to 8 inches long. white, pink, red or blue flowers bloom from spring through summer and give way to tiny, brown fruits. the plant is hardy in usda zones 5b through 9a..

Mockorange(philadelphus)often leads the way in summer-blooming shrubs, carrying spring's essence into summer heat. as its name suggests, mockorange drenches early summer gardens with intensely fragrant flowers reminiscent of orange blossoms., the 'pearl drift' rose is a small flower that grows in clusters on bushes. white with a subtle tinge of pink, this repeat-flowering variety is loved by bees. knock out® roses thrive throughout the.... Swamp azalea is a superb plant that grows from texas to maine and just about everywhere in between. it is grown for its sweetly scented, early-summer flowers. flower colors can range from white to pale yellow to pink, and just a single plant in bloom will fill an entire garden with sweet perfume., pinky winky® panicle hydrangea – i love that this hydrangea help make the transition from summer to fall a little more colorful. the base of the large white blooms begin to turn pink as autumn nears, leaving you with giant two-toned flower panicles. this shrub can take sun or part shade and grows well in a container or in the garden. zones 3-8.

Sometimes called summer lilac, this sturdy flowering shrub withstands drought, blooms all season long, and attracts pollinators. new dwarf varieties won’t overtake your garden, and newer types are not invasive. use them in borders or mass plantings. why we love it: pink-, purple-, or white-flowering shrub for part shade, for perennials that bloom from summer to early fall, spring is the best time for planting. for plants that bloom from spring to the early summer, you will want to plant in the late summer or early in the fall. as the years go by, perennial plants become less vigorous. when you notice this happening, divide up your plants..

Also called blue lily or african lily, agapanthus praecox is a full sun or partial shade flower that thrives in warmer areas, especially in pots.