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Bush-with-white-flowers-in-spring, korean spice viburnum (viburnum carlesii) is an example of a shrub that boasts early-spring flowers (april) as well as fall color. the buds are pink but then open to become clusters of white flowers. the bush is named for its fragrance, which contains a combination of sweetness and sharpness.. An underused shrub that deserves more attention, deutzia is a hydrangea relative that produces showy clusters of pink or white flowers in spring or summer, depending on the variety. some varieties also have a sweet scent, so plant them near a window or along a walkway so you can enjoy the fragrance they'll add to your garden., pieris japonica is another of the evergreen, spring-blooming shrubs that has white flowers and a beautiful scent. it’s relatively easy to grow and has the added benefit of being deer-resistant..

Korean spice viburnum is a flowering bush that transforms three times throughout spring, summer, and fall. its aromatic white blooms open in march and april with a more pinkish color and then give way to bright red berries in the summer that mature into a dark hue for fall., gardeners looking for bushes with white blooms have a wide range of options.they can choose from delicate or dwarf plants as well as large, spreading plants. the flowers may be inconspicuous or dramatic, appearing in spring, summer or fall..

The white flowering shrubs category is one of nature hills largest categories. these plants can be found in many heights and widths. since white flowers contrast well with other flower colors, they can be used in any landscape setting. if you plant these white flowering shrubs in combination with blue or red flowering shrubs, your garden will ..., plant pictures: for shrubs with white flowers. plant pictures shrubs with white flowers (viewing 1 to 10 ) next 10 161 plants found matching your search criteria click on an image or plant name to view a larger picture. click image for large picture latin & common name plant information ....

White flowering trees in the spring. white flowering trees, the harbingers of spring, are lovely as single specimens or in a grouping. line a driveway with small flowering trees or plant among..., if spring is a scent, it smells of lilac, at least in the north. long-lived lilacs come in white, pink, blue, purple, and almost red. with many species and cultivars on the market, there's a size available from small flowering shrubs of 3 feet to 30 feet tall. zones 2-9.

Scientific name: syringa vulgaris lilac bush is a beautiful and fragrant deciduous shrub, and can be used as a hedge. it gets white flowers in clusters and has dark green leaves which are heart-shaped. aphrodite rose of sharon