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Bush-winch-wheel-winch, a winch without an anchor to pull from is useless. the bush winch is an all-in-one vehicle recovery system providing unique winching and anchoring solutions.. Zone tech vehicle snow traction tire block - 4-pack premium quality strong durable all weather/season anti-skid car, suv, and pick up tire blocks for emergencies and road trip, the bush winch vehicle self-recovery system was created in the rugged environment of the western australian bush. founder patrick verbeek’s vision to create a simple, reliable, portable and powerful winching system was born from his experience as a geologist and remote destination traveller..

The bush winch is a light-weight self-recovery system for both 4wd and 2wd vehicles that you can attach to your car or truck only when you need it., extreme off-roading is virtually impossible without having a winch attached to the car. and when it comes to winches, the choice of operating concept is not all that great, as, for all intents and .... Here is a very informative video on how to use the bush winch, something that no traveler should leave home without. if you ever find yourself stuck in the mud, show, or any other problematic road, the bush wheel winch is here to help you get onto firm ground again!. the bush wheel winch is a light weight self-recovery system for both 4 wheel drives and 2 wheel drives., the bush winch attaches to car wheels and can be used to pull them out of bad situations, like mud or snow..

Has anyone seen the “bush winch” wheel winch? i saw it on line on “interesting engineering”. it’s advertised as a safer & cheaper than more traditional bumper electric winches. it looks like you simply attach a couple steel rims to the outside of your rims w/ these custom adapter lugs., well it did work, it did look like a lot of set-up between the cable at the top to attach the rope to and then all of the rope. i guess it uses a syn. winch line, but i wonder how it would last being that low to the ground when it was being dragged across rocks and the front tires when they where being turned.