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Bush-cucumber-varieties, bush cucumbers. direct sow bush cucumber seeds now for a bonus second season harvest. these cucumber plants bear fruit earlier than vining types, and they are easy to care for and harvest into the fall season.. There is no match in the bush cucumber world for types like the heirloom lemon cucumber or the many white-skinned cucumber varieties. vining cucumbers often produce an amazing amount of fruit,..., straight, 8-inch fruits with fine-grained flesh and great taste. high yield in home gardens. 65 days to maturity. organic straight eight, 30 seeds. an heirloom with long trailing vines that appreciate support. aas winner in 1935. straight eight seeds are available from amazon. short, 3-foot vines produce 7- to 8-inch cukes in 60 days..

Gardeners with limited space — or those who want varieties that are ideal for patio containers — no longer are forced to choose varieties bred to ramble over large gardens! our selection of bush cucumbers includes both slicing and pickling types — and all require 3 ft. of space or less! our bush types for pickling (“bush pickle,” “iznik” and “pick-a-bushel”) are especially ..., specialty cucumbers include heirloom cucumber varieties like ‘lemon’ cucumbers and 'sweet armenian' cucumbers, as well as greenhouse cucumbers that require no pollination to set fruit. container cucumbers are bred for compact vines, and are better for deck plantings and small space gardens..

There are many varieties of cucumber often with their name a reference to the area of world they are most commonly cultivated. one of the most common cucumber types is the english or european cucumber. these cukes are almost seedless, thin skinned without spines and long (1-2 feet in length) (30-61 cm.)., cucumbers for the home garden can be divided into four popular cucumber types: (1) slicing, (2) pickling, (3) burpless, and (4) space savers for small gardens and container. here are 20 sure-fired cucumber varieties to grow in your garden..

55 days — as its name implies, 'bush crop' cucumber plants are compact, dwarf, bushy and yet are very productive. the cucumber fruits are deep-green in color and harvested at six to eight inches in length for slicing., how to plant bush cucumbers. bush cucumbers produce big results in a small space. this easy-to-grow shrubby version of traditional cucumber vines lets small-space and container gardeners add a .... Burpless bush hybrid cucumber. write a review. share. print. this is a space-saving form of the favorite burpless hybrid. short vines grow about 2 feet long — long enough to trellis if desired. fruit is straight and cylindrical for easy slicing. eat these delicious cukes fresh, pickled, or sliced into salads.