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Bush-blue-lake-beans, the beans are long and straight. excellent steamed or used in salads. originally developed as a canning bean, but it soon grew to be a fresh favorite, too. its predecessor, blue lake pole bean, is also an heirloom and has been around since the early 1900s. blue lake bush was developed from blue lake pole bean in 1961. very productive.. How to plant blue lake bush green beans. according to the national gardening association, bush or snap beans are the most popular beans in the home garden, and blue lake is a widespread favorite., bean, blue lake 47 bush short description. a very flavorful, stringless bean. full description. we took the best qualities of blue lake 274 and made a bean with more flavor and tenderness. blue lake 47 is upright and has medium-thick pods that are plump, tasty and at their flavorful peak when 6" long. pick them daily to enjoy a bountiful and ....

Bean : blue lake bush high yield tender crop, a favored canning bean. this is an excellent freezing and canning snap bean. the plant bears 5" long oval pods containing white seeds. blue lake is a heavy yielder, keeps well, and remains stringless and tender over a long period of time. fabaceae phaseolus vulgaris., the bush bean blue lake 274 (phaseolus vulgaris), is an old time favorite with reliability, great flavor, large yields and disease resistance. the bean was developed in 1961 from the pole blue lake variety. it is well-known in the canning industry because its crop matures all at once, making canning a much easier task. beginnings.

Blue lake bush bean seeds - 26 grams. 4.4 out of 5 stars 5. $4.57 $ 4. 57. free shipping. burpee blue lake 274 bush bean seeds 2 ounces of seed. 3.5 out of 5 stars 7. $6.69 $ 6. 69. free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon. in stock on june 1, 2020. blue lake bean seed - heirloom greenpod garden bush beans 50 seeds., 60 days. this dark-green bean has been a standard for over 40 years. the bush plants set heavy yields of flavorful pods that are tender and crisp. developed in 1961 from the pole blue lake..

Unlike pole beans, bush beans grow as a compact bush, making them a suitable choice for a container garden. blue lake bush beans are a readily available bush bean cultivar, sold by most major seed suppliers. blue lake beans are forgiving in the garden, as they are slow to mature, giving you a longer window to harvest ..., blue lake beans have a dark green, cylindrical, stringless, firm, and plump pod. the pod contains tiny pale green to white edible seeds. the bean's flavor is distinctively mild, subtly grassy and sweet, with a crisp-tender texture. blue lake beans produce an abundant crop of pods that can reach 6 to 7 inches in length. seasons/availability