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Buddleia-butterfly-bush, the butterfly bush (buddleia davidii) is a beautiful, fast-growing, deciduous shrub with masses of blossoms—long, spiked trusses—that bloom from summer to autumn. its flowers come in many colors, though butterflies seem to prefer the lavender-pink (mauve) of the species to the white and dark purple cultivars.. Buddleia (butterfly bush) butterfly bushes prefer full sun and while they are drought tolerant, slightly moist soils produce the happiest plants. in addition to the eponymous butterflies, they also attract hummingbirds. check out our quick guide on how to care for buddleia, buddleja, or buddleia (/ ˈ b ʌ d l i ə / ; also historically given as buddlea), commonly known as the butterfly bush, is a genus comprising over 140 species of flowering plants endemic to asia, africa, and the americas..

Many butterfly gardeners plan their garden around buddleia (pronounced bud-lee-ah), a genus that includes over 100 species and cultivars. also called summer lilac, the medium- to large-sized shrubs can anchor a perennial bed or form a hedge. you'll be happier with buddleia if you accept its growth habit, which is not neat and tidy., buddleia are a great addition to almost any garden, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial pollinators in droves. commonly called "butterfly bushes," buddleia are large, dense bushes featuring big, majestic flower spikes that bloom in intense hues of pink, orange, red, and purple throughout the summer..

"butterfly bush" is the common name for the buddleia species of flowering shrub, and it is the perfect plant to compliment the annual and perennial flowers in your butterfly garden. new cultivars are available in a variety of colors with blooms ranging from deep purple and bright fuchsia to flowers of creamy yellow and white., butterfly bushes (buddleia davidii) are grown for their long panicles of colorful flowers and their ability to attract butterflies and beneficial insects. they bloom in spring and summer, but the naturally attractive shape of the shrub and evergreen foliage keep the bush interesting, even when it is not in bloom..

‘miss molly’ is a popular non-invasive butterfly bush. photo by: rock giguère / millette photomedia. to plant or not to plant has been the question surrounding butterfly bush ( buddleia or buddleja davidii) for years. its many blossoms, although irresistible to butterflies, can lead to aggressive re-seeding., whiteway/getty butterfly bush is an invasive plant, meaning it crowds out beneficial plants that have naturally grown in your community for centuries. this species originally from asia readily....

Please choose a rating. new national plant network 2.5 qt. buddleia 3-in-1 flowering shrub with red, white and purple flowers.