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Beauty-bush-plant, design ideas beauty bush is among the small number of very high-quality shrubs prized for their graceful almost weeping form and charming flowers. it makes a perfect foundation plant that covers unsightly footings, crawl spaces, vents and utility pipes.. Prefers full sun for best flowering in well-drained soil, but does well in part shade conditions. beauty bush flowers on old wood; prune after flowering. for older plants, remove 2 to 3 stems to the ground annually or cut to the ground to rejuvenate plant. disease, pests, and problems, beauty bush, (kolkwitzia amabilis), ornamental flowering shrub of the linnaea clade in the family caprifoliaceae, native to central china. it is the only member of its genus. the beauty bush has deciduous oval leaves and can reach a maximum height of about 3 m (10 feet)..

Dense, twiggy, fountain-shaped shrub with tubular flowers in late may. often seen in fine gardens planted in the 30's and 40's, this reliable beauty is making a comeback. no serious pests or diseases., prized for its outstanding spring flowers, kolkwitzia amabilis (beauty bush) is a dense, upright-arching and vase-shaped, fountain-like deciduous shrub. from mid to late spring, it boasts a profusion of small baby-pink flowers with yellow throats for several weeks. they smother the foliage of oval dark blue-green leaves, 3 in. long (7 cm), which turn reddish in the fall..

Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about kolkwitzia species, beauty bush, beautybush (kolkwitzia amabilis) supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at dave's g..., deciduous, suckering shrub bearing a profusion of bell-shaped flowers, pale to deep pink with a yellow throat, in late spring and early summer. dark-green foliage adds appeal when not in bloom. care grow in fertile, well-drained soil.. Dream catcher ® beauty bush grows well in shade, even the notoriously tricky dry shade, where its golden foliage can bring extra light and cheer. top reasons to grow dream catcher ® beautybush: - the only beautybush with colorful gold and orange foliage - a stunning display of flowers in spring, american beautyberry shrubs (callicarpa americana, usda zones 7 through 11) bloom in late summer, and although the flowers aren’t much to look at, the jewel-like, purple or white berries are dazzling. the fall foliage is an attractive yellow or chartreuse color..

Beautyberry is a deciduous shrub found naturally in the southeastern united states. it typically grows four to five feet tall and wide, although it's been known to reach nine feet in height.