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Barrel-bushing-compensator-for-1911, compact size “commander model” stainless steel muzzle brake compensator / barrel bushing replacement. the design is contoured to mimic the front of the slide, and give the appearance of having an extended slide. suppresses recoil by venting gasses at muzzle and adding weight to the end of your barrel. made in america! available in machine finish, satin finish, or black finish.. Brownells is your source for compensator 1911 barrel at brownells parts and accessories. shop our vast selection and save!, sportsman's guide has your stainless steel 1911 compensator barrel bushing, .45 acp available at a great price in our rifle barrels & accessories collection.

Hunting pistols compensators: making the most of your weapon. when the m1911 served as the u.s. armed forces' standard sidearm for more than 75 years before ending its career in 1986, the pistol became a treasured possession to keep as is or to modify., muzzle brake recoil compensator for 5" 1911 .45 acp handguns works by expelling gas and adds weight to the barrel thereby reducing recoil and improving accuracy. replaces barrel bushing for colt 1911/1911 clones fits 5" government length 1911 autos with a barrel od between .577"-581" calibers up to and including .45 acp. can fit .38 and 9mm minor milling/modification to lug may be required ....

1911 muzzle brakes & compensators designed & manufactured by valkyrie dynamics. not compatible with bull barrels. all of our muzzle brakes come with the option to add on a 1911 spring plug and a removal tool., what is a compensator and what is it used for? a compensator is an attachment for the end of your 1911. it can be installed by you if you have the skills or if it’s a model that’s supposed to be easily installed, or by a professional gunsmith if you want the best possible job done on your firearm..

Due to higher than average order volume, please expect shipping times to be delayed up to 10 business days. please expect longer wait times for serialized items (ffl required)., order our clark 460 conversion kit today! this kit brings the power of the .44 magnum revolver to the 1911! chambered in .460, clark custom guns was the first to bring the .460 into the 1911 world with this kit.. Compensators are interesting devices. they redirect gas to take the bite out of recoil and reduce muzzle rise. there are two types of compensators for semi-automatic pistols: traditional compensators and bushing compensators.