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Bamboo-bush-plant, bamboo varieties are typically perennial evergreen woody-stem grasses that are among the fastest-growing plants in the world. although bamboo is best known in asia, there are three species native to north america, and more than 100 other types can grow in the united states.. Bamboo (bambusa spp.) is a versatile plant and most species can survive in many conditions. remember, these are simply the best conditions under which to get the best bamboo growth. as long as you provide a few of these conditions, most bamboos will still be happy., heavenly bamboo, part of the barberry family of plants, got its name from vertical canelike stems and finely textured compound leaves that resemble those of bamboo. this broadleaf evergreen shrub is typically grown for its ornamental foliage and striking fruit display. the tough-as-nails shrub thrives in a variety of conditions..

Bamboo plants require no pesticides or fertilizers to grow and need little water to sustain, although they do not tolerate completely dry or waterlogged conditions, and if grown in pots bamboo do need more care. bamboo is popular as an evergreen garden plant and makes fantastic ornamental focal points, specimen plants, privacy screens, hedging ..., however, all bamboo have green leaves with the exception of a few varieties with green leaves and gold stripes. running bamboo should be planted in an area where it can expand in a 360* spread, and it can continue to expand indefinitely. there are forests of running and clumping bamboo plants in china, india, and australia..

Learn how to plant and grow bamboo. grow your own food, fuel and furniture using this wonder plant. there's not much bamboo can't do. it can put food on your table, paper in your printer, a floor ..., bamboo is a forest plant and does best if a mulch is kept over the roots and rhizomes. it is best not to rake or sweep up the bamboo leaves from under the plant, as they keep the soil soft, and moist, and recycle silica and other natural chemicals necessary to the bamboo..

Bamboos / b æ m ˈ b uː / are evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily bambusoideae of the grass family poaceae.the word "bamboo" comes from the dutch or portuguese languages, which probably borrowed it from malay.. in bamboo, as in other grasses, the internodal regions of the stem are usually hollow and the vascular bundles in the cross-section are scattered throughout the stem ..., bamboo can grow in two different patterns depending on species. "runners" send out long shoots to start new plants, and will spiral around a large container within three to five years. "clumpers" grow steadily outward, and may last up to six years in the same pot. any bamboo plant needs a transplant to a larger pot once it becomes rootbound..

Bamboos thrive in moist, but well-drained soil in a sheltered, sunny spot. they tolerate most soil types, but some, such as shibatea, require acid soil or ericaceous potting compost. bamboo will grow in poor soils, but not in constant wet, boggy or extremely dry conditions.