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Variegated-dogwood-bush, variegated leaves, attractive berries, stunning fall color and showy red stems in winter make this a wonderful shrub for all seasons! vigorous and adaptable, naturally forms a thicket of upright, blood red stems. white berries are often tinged blue or green.. The variegated dogwood shrub (cornus alba argenteo-marginata) is a large multi-stemmed shrub grown for the bright coral-red winter color of the new growth. it has an open loose form and spreads by suckers to form colonies. it can be planted in masses for color or used for screening unsightly items. its common name is variegated tartarian dogwood., the european variegated dogwood has a mix of cream and green foliage. the fall coloring is a mottled red and then turns into a deep red come winter. this shrub tolerates heavy soils. pruning will greatly improve this plant's overall shape and form through-out the years..

Variegated dogwood flowering shrub is ideal for mass and foundation plantings, color accents, beds and borders produces vibrantly colored stems for stunning winter color, multicolored foliage and white blooms in spring and summer thrives in partly sunny areas that receive no more than 6 hours of morning sunlight per day, the variegated red twig dogwood grows quickly into an upright, multi-stemmed shrub sprouting from the ground, reaching as much as 10 feet tall under ideal conditions, but usually growing closer to 5 feet tall in most gardens. with regular hard pruning it can even be kept shorter..

If you have a low-lying spot in your landscape, plant european variegated dogwood near the edge of a rain garden. you'll help filter runoff from the rain before it hits your storm sewer. grow yours as a shrub, or prune it into a multi or single-stemmed, small tree. the tree form elevates the bright red wood in winter., the red twigged dogwood is drought tolerant and adaptable to both cold and hot weather extremes. it is a hardy shrub, and adaptable to multiple soil types. dogwood shrubs are easy to care for, and they adapt well to pruning. the shrubs can grow from 6 to 9 feet, but can be trimmed into a more structured hedge..

Red twig dogwood will brighten your winter landscaping with its bright red branches; the shrubs actually can provide year-round interest.despite bearing spring blossoms, variegated leaves during summer, and berries from summer to fall, clearly, this plant's common name explains the main reason that people grow it: namely, the bush's red twigs, which are brightest from late winter to early spring., variegated dogwoods come in either a shrub or tree, and are easy to grow in a variety of soils and climates, hardy in u.s. department of agriculture zones 3 to 8. both plants have two-toned or....

Shrub dogwoods range from red osier and tatarian dogwood (the winter superstars that sport brightly colored stems) to silky dogwood and kousa dogwood that are grown for their striking flowers and outstanding fall color. add dogwood shrubs to a mixed shrub border or a perennial planting.