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Skip-laurel-bushes, skip laurel is an outstanding plant exactly because it does thrive in all light levels, without yellowing in the sun, or growing weak in the shade. if part of your hedge is shaded, it will be just as strong as the part in the sun. you won’t have to look at hedges with thin, straggly areas wherever there is some shade.. What is a skip laurel shrub? skip laurel – prunus laurocerasus ‘schipkaensis’ – is a hardy, dense-growing evergreen shrub commonly used for hedges and as cut greenery in floral arrangements. also called schipka, schip and cherry laurel, skip laurel’s foliage and appearance are very similar to bay laurel (laurus nobilis)., the skip laurel shrub tolerates many different soil types and its relatively quick growth makes it easy to maintain without much of a fuss. a schip laurel (prunus laurocerasus 'schipkaensis') instanthedge in biodegradable cardboard container ready to be planted in the landscape..

The hardiest hedge you can grow! once established, your evergreen schipka cherry laurel (skip laurel) will need no maintenance at all! this gorgeous, dense evergreen can be trained as a hedge or left unclipped to show off its naturally beautiful shape… but if you want a fast, dense screen or privacy hedge, then the skip laurel is the right choice. this evergreen is hardy and resistant in ..., description prunus laurocerasus 'schipkaensis', or "skip laurel", is an increasingly popular screening evergreen due to its smaller size and ability to prosper in shady situations. skip laurels are a very attractive evergreen shrub that create beautiful hedges and provide dense screening..

Schipka cherry laurel prunus laurocerasus 'schipkaensis' sku #6717. a handsome upright shrub for woodland gardens with filtered sunlight or dappled shade. glossy, medium green foliage with a refined look on a dense, vase-shaped form that has a layered appearance. stalks of fragrant white flowers appear in spring., skip laurel is tolerant of alkaline soils, but leaf color is darker green in an acidic soil. large, upright clusters of small creamy white blossoms lay on 2 to 5 inch long racemes which originate off the leaf axils in late april into may. many flowers are hidden amid the thick mass of foliage. flowers often emit an over-powering odor..

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