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Sago-palm-bush, the sago palm may look like a tiny palm tree with its glossy, stiff fronds, but it is not a palm tree at all. sago palms are cycads, one of the most ancient of plants that has been around since prehistoric times. as a houseplant, it is easy to grow indoors, but be very careful because the sago palm is poisonous.. Female sago. each sago palm is either male or female. in late spring, males may produce a 12- to 24-inch-tall cone, whereas females produce a leaf structure resembling a basket that produces ovules., sago palms are extremely slow-growing and often put out only one new frond each year. it can easily take a sago palm five or six years to achieve its full pot size of 2 feet. these plants are important in tropical landscapes and yield a distinctively asian look to any houseplant collection. the spruce / anastasia tretiak.

In the us, unless you live in the warmer zones (8b and higher) the sago palm is grown as an indoor plant. the common name of this plant seems to indicate that it is a palm, but sago is actually a cycad – cycas revoluta is the botanical name. cycads date back to the mesazoic era and used to be found pretty much world wide., the sago palm (also known as cycas revoluta) is an amazing tree known for its lush green, feathery fronds and virtually maintenance free care. these hardy plants make wonderful patio or indoor plants and can be grown in usda growing zones 4-11 but are only recommended for outdoor planting in zones 8-11..

There is nothing wispy or soft about a sago palm (cycas revoluta).this plant has a thick skin of armor. massive crowns of stiff, needle-clad spears grow out from the center of a trunk that sports more needles and tough debris., sago palms are pretty plants that will add a tropical vibe to any landscape, or even inside your home. in order to keep them healthy and looking nice, you need to trim off dead and damaged fronds in the fall and early spring. it's also a good idea to remove excess pups, or baby sago palms, that grow on or around the tree..

The sago palm (cycas revoluta) is a popular houseplant known for its feathery foliage and ease of care. in fact, this is a great plant for beginners and makes an interesting addition to nearly any room. it can even be grown outdoors., the sago palm (cycas revoluta) isn't a true palm, it's a cycad. though it's an easy plant to grow and can thrive both indoors and outdoors in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 8....

While sago palms can enhance nearly any landscape, creating a tropical effect, unsightly yellow-brown foliage or an over-abundance of heads (from pups) might leave one to wonder if you should prune sago palm. keep reading to learn more about how to prune a sago palm. sago palm care & pruning sago palms