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Poison-ivy-bush-pictures, while the leaves are the most toxic part of the plant, contact with any part (even when the plant is bare of foliage) can cause an allergic reaction.even if your cat or dog comes in contact with the plant, the animal can spread it to you.that is the reason why it is important to learn what poison ivy looks like throughout the growing season and beyond.. Poison ivy rash is caused by contact with poison ivy, a plant that grows almost everywhere in the united states. the sap of the poison ivy plant, also known as toxicodendron radicans, contains an ..., other characteristic signs and symptoms of poison ivy are that the rash will worsen over days or weeks without treatment with steroids, the rash may not go away for up to three weeks without treatment,   many children will have worsening symptoms with each exposure, and that some areas of a child's skin that had less exposure to the poison ivy plant will get the rash later than others.

How to identify poison ivy. poison ivy is a common plant on the north american continent, noted for its ability to create an itchy rash on contact with skin. it is an extremely adaptable, persistent type of vegetation and as a result, it..., in different states, there are different types of poison ivy and oak. and many places have none of these nasty plants. so we created some maps to help you figure out which plants to look for. eastern poison ivy comes first, because it is the biggest cause of trouble, but it is good to know about both kinds of poison ivy and both kinds of poison oak..

Poison ivy—toxicondendron radicans. the rash associated with poison ivy is caused by the oil urushiol, which is found in all parts of the plant. poison ivy grows as a vine or shrub and can be found in fields, pastures, woodlands, farms and yards., this is a very common scene in the eastern half of the united states: roadside trees with poison ivy vines climbing up. poison ivy grows as a ground vine which will often start climbing up walls and trees, looking for more light.