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Insects-on-rose-bushes, use homemade insecticide to kill the bugs on your roses. rose bushes may become infected with bugs, such as aphids. while you can buy insecticides at a nursery or garden section of a hardware store, you can also make your own. use a combination of water and dish soap to kill the insects.. Rose bushes are susceptible to insect infestation, especially when they're stressed. meeting the plant's cultural requirements can prevent injury from some insects, and beneficial insects can help..., caterpillars are the larvae of moths or butterflies. they occasionally feed on the foliage or flowers of roses. you can control them with bt or by releasing trichogramma wasps (they prey on caterpillar eggs). acephate and carbaryl are traditional chemical controls that may be effective..

Rose slugs are the larvae (immature forms) of sawflies, non-stinging members of the wasp family. three species of sawflies, the roseslug (endelomyia aethiops), bristly roseslug (cladius difformis), and curled rose sawfly (allantus cinctus), are pests of roses. the larvae of some sawfly species are hairy and often mistaken for caterpillars., aphids and spider mites aphids and spider mites are two of the biggest pest problems faced by rose gardeners. both are small insects that congregate on the leaves of rose bushes and other garden....

Common insect and mite pests of roses aphids: many species of aphids or plant lice, including the rose aphid, attack roses. aphids are small, soft-bodied winged or wingless insects about 1/25 to 1/8 inch long with relatively long legs and antennae. species vary in color from black, green, yellow to even pinkish., aphids are small, semitransparent, 1/8" insects. they ar green or sometimes yellow, black, red, or brown. these insects tend to cluster on buds, leaves, and stems and suck the juices of the plants..

For roses, the most common site of an infestation is the leaves but the stems, roots and blossoms are susceptible too. in rose gardens, the occurrence of these problems easily spread among the plants and for horticulturists growing them as cut flowers, these results to poor flower quality., aphids like to visit our plants and rose bushes every year and can form a major attack on them fairly quickly. the aphids that attack rose bushes are usually either macrosiphum rosae (rose aphid) or macrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid), which attacks many other flowering plants as well.. Pests insects that affect roses are often considered pests. aphids (greenfly) (order hemiptera family aphididae) macrosiphum rosae – likely to be found on new shoots and buds, aphids are soft bodied insects 1-2 mm long.