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Hansa-rose-bush, incredibly hardy, rosa rugosa 'hansa' is a vigorous, upright, suckering shrub boasting a profusion of remarkably fragrant, double, large, 4 in. across (10 cm), rich pinkish-purple flowers (17-25 petals) from early summer up to the first frost. they are followed by edible fruits that are as pretty as the flowers themselves.. The hansa rose is a semi-double crimson flower turning to a purplish-red with age. the flowers come in clusters, bloom heavily in june and lighter throughout the summer. it has dark green foliage, which turns orange in fall with red rose hips. this plant gets to about 4-5' tall x 3-4' wide., the hansa rose makes a good hedge, its thorny barrier is formidable. stop the neighbor’s dogs from trespassing! a fairly large shrub rose (between six to eight feet high and wide), it is tolerant of difficult conditions. i grow it under a weeping crabapple tree..

History of hansa roses: the rose hansa was first created by schaum and van tol in the netherlands in 1905. the parentage of this hybrid rugosa rose is unknown however this hardy rose has become very popular over the last century due to its hardiness and resistance to disease., positive: on oct 2, 2003, lionheart from slingerlands, ny wrote: han_sa (above) put it perfectly. this is a rugged rose with a spicey, clove-like fragrance. deep reddish purple color attracts the eye..

Tough yet beautiful, 'hansa' has been a favorite rugosa for over a century. it boasts handsome foliage and glorious magenta blooms that have a sweet fragrance reminiscent of cloves. a splendid specimen for the back of the border, it also makes an eye-popping hedge when planted en masse. own-root. rugosa roses offer repeat bloom; exquisite fragrance; handsome, glossy foliage; and outstanding ..., the rose-hansa is a hybrid rugosa shrub rose that blooms all summer long. plant one as a specimen plant in a perennial bed or several as a stunning summer hedge. what garden can be complete without a rose? the brilliant colors, silky-soft petals and heavenly scent are the substance of poetry, songs and legend..

Crimson-purple blooms that are extremely fragrant, followed by a prolific hip display. a more compact rugosa for smaller gardens., one of the easiest classes of roses to grow is the rugosa rose. rugosas are low maintenance, with great cold tolerance and pest resistance. most rugosa roses are tall, shrubby, sprawling, multi-branched plants that need plenty of room to spread out..

Overwatering rose bushes and yellow leaves. the rose remains one of the most popular garden flowers, loved for its fragrance and vast variety of colors and species that can thrive in all u.s ...