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Flowering-bushes-in-florida, bahama cassia is a florida native with lovely yellow flowers.  it attracts butterflies as a nectar source and as the.... Flowering bushes flourish in florida, from the tropical hibiscuses in south florida to the summery hydrangeas in the northern part of the state. florida encompasses usda plant hardiness zones 8b to 10b, with average low temperatures from 15 to 40 degrees fahrenheit., flowering shrubs for florida include those that are hardy in usda plant hardiness zones 8 through 11. these shrubs can provide rich foliage and colorful blooms to enrich any landscape.. Since we have nearly 12 months of growing season here in south florida, using more slow or moderate growers - whether large or small shrubs or plants - saves time and energy. a "dwarf" shrub generally means one that will grow slowly or won't get very big when mature - or both., shrubs serve as borders, fences, and screens, and there are plenty of florida-friendly choices, on your solution for florida-friendly gardening from the university of florida's center for landscape conservation and ecology..

Pithecellobium guadalupense - blackbead is found in coastal uplands throughout south florida, the keys, the caribbean and tropical america. it is a tough, multi-stem shrub, or small tree (15'-20' typical mature height range). salt- and drought-tolerant, it has multiple uses in naturalized landscaping situations.