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Euonymus-burning-bush, noted for its fluorescent fall foliage and very ornamental berries, euonymus alatus (burning bush) is a large, spreading, deciduous shrub of great popularity. in late spring to early summer, a profusion of tiny, non showy, greenish flowers appear before being replaced by purplish-red fruits that mature during the fall. at this time, each fruit capsule splits open to reveal orange-coated seeds .... Euonymus alatus, known variously as winged spindle, winged euonymus, or burning bush, is a species of flowering plant in the family celastraceae, native to central and northern china, japan, and korea.. the common name "burning bush" comes from the bright red fall color. it is a popular ornamental plant in gardens and parks due to its bright pink or orange fruit and attractive fall color., dwarf burning bush euonymus alatus 'compactus' sku #3360. a sensational accent or natural hedge prized for its intense scarlet red fall coloring. the interesting, compact, mounded form displays attractive rich green leaves spring through summer. exceptional when featured en masse, at the foreground of larger conifers or evergreen shrubs..

Noted for its spectacular fall foliage and very ornamental berries, euonymus alatus 'compactus' (burning bush) is a compact, medium-sized, spreading, deciduous shrub of great interest. its foliage of elliptic, rich green leaves in spring to summer turns impressive scarlet red in the fall, before shedding to the ground, revealing thin tan strips interrupting the subtle green color of the stems., the familiar burning bush is a dense, flat-topped, deciduous shrub with a rounded, horizontal branching habit. reddish purple fruit grows beneath the simple, finely toothed, dark green leaves. foliage turns an extremely showy bright red in autumn. smaller cultivars exist..

The euonymus group consists of trees and low-growing shrubs with variable habits that make them valuable in different garden designs. the most-often used euonymus is the burning bush, and, like it, many euonymus varieties feature stunning fall color. others are grown for their showy fruits—typically hot pink and orange—or sprawling evergreen habit., winged euonymus, burning bush euonymus alatus. deciduous shrub. zones us, ms, ls; usda 6-8. native of china and japan. though nursery tags may indicate a much smaller plant, the species can reach 1520 feet high and wide..

The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: full sun (6+ hours), part sun (4-6 hours), full shade (up to 4 hours). outstanding bright red fall foliage. may be pruned in late winter. hardier than other varieties. excellent for landscaping. great landscape plant. please note : fire ball ® burning bush euonymus is restricted ..., life cycle/information: burning bush, also called winged euonymus or winged burning bush, is a deciduous, woody perennial shrub. it is native to northeastern asia, japan, and central china. it was introduced to the united states around 1860 for use in ornamental landscaping. in maryland, it has been commonly used because of its hardiness, easy ...