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E46-m3-rear-subframe-bushings, powerflex urethane track-series rear subframe inserts - e46 m3, e85 z4m. Rear subframe bushings/mount set - turner solid aluminum - e46/e46 m3, z4/z4 m, revshift polyurethane rear subframe bushings completely replace the oem rubber bushings on the e46 (323, 325, 328, 330, m3, z4). these bushings stiffen the subframe improving the vehicles handling capabilities.. Bmw e46 m3 s54 3.2l rear subframe - front position - performance performance polyurethane differential bushing - front position ecs engineered to improve power application and provide superior service life over factory rubber bushings, any subframe work or reinforcement project on the rear of the e46 m3 should include a new set of subframe mounts. it's the worn rubber bushings that contribute to failed rear subframes on the e46 (but not the only reason). as the rubber gets worn, there is more flex to the mount..

Lifetime warranty suspension bushings for your bmw e46 m3 restore handling and improve safety. replacement bushings available for model years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 ..., our solid aluminum subframe mounts for the 1999-2006 e46 323i/325i/328i/330, e46 m3, and e89 z4 are designed to prevent movement of your e46 subframe that would otherwise allow your entire rear suspension geometry to shift, resulting in sloppy handling..

E46 rear subframe bushings – akg vs. oem shown below is a brand new e46 m3 replacement floor and cross member  (aka push rod)  – both virgin, never having been torqued before – with akg sf469 poly 90a subframe bushing installed on the left side, and factory bushing on the right side, to show a comparison of how they are fitted., wheel bearing kit (the one i have): astro wheel bearing kit (the better one): the manufacturer of those special.... In this video i clean up the underside of the car and install the turner motorsport aluminum subframe bushings as well as the powerflex differential bushings. instagram: ...