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Bush-with-red-and-green-leaves, the english variety (i. aquifolium) is a popular holiday attraction, easily recognized by its glossy, dark green, spiny-edged foliage and bright red berries (found on female plants). the chinese holly (i. cornuta) can produce without males, however, and berry color may be orange-red or yellow.. Brightly colored new growth can often give longer-lasting color than flowers. some shrubs offer red new shoots and leaves in spring, enlivening the garden. as growth progresses and the leaves..., ideal for back-of-the-border locations, smokebush shows off velvet-purple foliage that turns a rich shade of orange-red in the fall. it also bears fluffy clusters of pink flowers in early summer..

Jul 20, 2014 - explore arnoldpm1's board "red foliage shrubs" on pinterest. see more ideas about shrubs, plants, foliage., the commonest variety of these non-green plants are those plants that have red leaves. some of these are red foliage plants and others are trees that have red leaves. maple is a classic example of a tree with red leaves at any point in time. but there are several other foliage plants that are red.. Scientific name: cornus sericea this species of dogwood, is a deciduous shrub, which grows 1.5-4 m tall, and 3-5 m wide. its branches and twigs are dark red, and the dark green leaves are opposite, and ovate to oblong shape. the flowers are small dull white, and appear in clusters, which are followed by white berries., the red tip photinia (photinia x fraseri) is a popular shrub used as a fence row in the eastern half of north america.the oval leaves of photinia plants start out red but turn into dark evergreen after a couple weeks to a month. during the spring, the photinia also has small white flowers that produce red fruits, that often last into the winter..

/ shrub identification by leaf. read this article on shrub identification of leaf, and get the different types of leaf anatomy for various shrubs. take a look, and enrich your knowledge. avid gardeners have an indepth knowledge about the flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees. they can easily differentiate between the species by observing the anatomy., 17 fast-growing evergreen shrubs that bloom all year long. overview of a variety of small and dwarf shrubs used for privacy, in front of your house or for landscaping. these flowering plants do well in shade as well as full sun. perfect for low maintenance. #shrubs #evergreen #plants #blooming.

Variegation in plant leaves and foliage, stock photography of leaf in green and white, green and gold, yellow and green, red and gold, even tricolor color combinations, perennials, annuals, shrubs, flowers, trees, bulbs, etc. this is just a sampler of variegata plant types, so email with specific lists.