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1911-bushing-compensator, the bushing compensator is pre-fit for the barrel, so this is a great pick if you’re putting together your own custom 1911 and have yet to pick pieces for those two slots in your build. the compensator is great at reducing your overall recoil and the barrel is a match-grade variety, designed to improve speed and accuracy at long ranges.. 1911 triple port bushing compensator. efk fire dragon. (in stock) - 4.2 (10), by choosing to modify your .45 by adding on a 1911 compensator barrel, 1911 bushing compensator, or 1911 9mm compensator barrel to your piece, you can take a big step toward making the most out of your weapon. let's take another step and see what more you can learn about hunting pistol compensators..

1911 compensators compensators replace the factory bushing on standard barrels. some minor fitting may be required. compensators are only for 5″ and 4″ style 1911 barrels, and will not work on the officers model compacts., product overview adding a multi-comp compensator to your 1911 is as fast and easy as changing out the barrel bushing. features a built-in barrel bushing, three chambers and seven exhaust ports for maximum recoil suppression. can be used with your stock barrel.. 1911 compensator commander model $59.99 compact size “commander model” stainless steel muzzle brake compensator / barrel bushing replacement. the design is contoured to mimic the front of the slide, and give the appearance of having an extended slide., 1911 muzzle brakes 1911 muzzle brakes & compensators designed & manufactured by valkyrie dynamics not compatible with bull barrels. all of our muzzle brakes come with the option to add on a 1911 spring plug and a removal tool..

The ingenious multi-port 1911 compensator features a built-in barrel bushing, three chambers and seven exhaust ports for maximum recoil suppression., valkyrie dynamics builds the world's finest 1911 muzzle brakes, glock slides , 1911 grips, sig grips and beretta grips right here in the usa.

The innovative industries bushing compensator is a significantly different design. it is essentially a simple tube with a lug to hold it in the slide and a flange to hold the recoil spring plug. it lacks baffles since its thin wall won't accommodate them.